Default active profile - novaPDF sdk v8

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Default active profile - novaPDF sdk v8

Postby primasys » 16 Jul 2014, 20:35

I am using the novapdf sdk 8 to print from within my application. (thi s being tested on win7 64-bit, C++, MFC) I used the co-branding tool to create msi's with the name of my printer and the guid of the public profile I setup during branding. Ran the msi's and I have my printer installed.

Problem: Before adding a temporary private profile, I get the currently active profile to restore when completed printing.
hr = m_pNova->GetActiveProfile(&m_wsDefaultProfile);

This fails with a return of 0xD5DA0028 (NV_NO_ACTIVE_PROFILE). If I ignore the error, I get the message "Error reading active public profile" and the pdf is not created.

The printer name in Initialize() matches the name of the printer. I checked the Printer settings and it shows the profile set to "Default". The profile I created during branding is visible in the Profile Manager but I cannot set it to be the default since that option is grayed out.

Since no one can print directly to my printer except via the application, do I even have to bother saving and restoring a default profile?
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Re: Default active profile - novaPDF sdk v8

Postby Softland » 22 Aug 2014, 13:21

Hi, as we need more details regarding this please email us at
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