Matching Acrobat functions

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Matching Acrobat functions

Postby illo » 24 Jun 2014, 09:45

I have used Nova PDF very successfully for the last six months, but I have some suggested improvements.

1) Nova PDF files tend to be bigger than the Acrobat versions of the same document, sometimes markedly so, without any noticeable difference in rendering. Altering the Nova print resolution from 300 to 150 dpi makes no difference. Nova is plainly storing some redundant information.

2) I switched to Nova because the 64-bit version of Acrobat stopped working after one of Adobe's numerous "upgrades". I have never managed to re-start it. This has left me without a PDF preview function in Windows Explorer. It would be good if Nova could fill that gap.

3) Acrobat is still necessary for reliable OCR on PDF image files, and for stitching complex PDF files together. I can use ABBYY fine reader for some of these functions, but the Adobe package is more convenient - when it works properly. There is a gap in the market here.

I posted an earlier version of this message under "add-ins", but it seems more appropriate here.
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Re: Matching Acrobat functions

Postby Softland » 24 Jun 2014, 13:55

Thank you for the suggestions, the OCR part is more difficult but we'll evaluate it.
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