Print to PDF from Math

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Print to PDF from Math

Postby Softland » 05 May 2011, 15:49

The OpenOffice suite includes Math, a program that lets you write equations and other formulas, saving those by default in an ODF format. You can convert those formulas to a PDF by using a converter such as novaPDF, read more about this on the tutorial we created specifically for this subject: Printing from Math to PDF
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If you do not tell me it is difficult to

Postby PetroptobipsTania » 19 Oct 2011, 23:03

Who is not hard to tell me how to set a bookmark in the profile , but what then e is obtained ?
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Re: Print to PDF from Math

Postby Support » 20 Oct 2011, 08:52

We are sorry but we do not understand your question.

Please reformulate it.
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Re: Print to PDF from Math

Postby thekiziqueen » 19 Feb 2014, 21:16

Some one can tell me how to convert image to vecto in PDF please,
My pictures when i convert to PDF allway broken like flappy bird games
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