Left Margin Visual FoxPro Report

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Left Margin Visual FoxPro Report

Postby modi » Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:13 pm

Hi all.
I have a problem with the generation of reports in visual foxpro via OEM NovaPDF printer.
In fact, although the report has a left margin of a few centimeters, the PDF file generated by OEM NovaPDF is created without this margin.
One way to solve this problem is to give a value in the Printing Preferences driver novaPDF printer in TAB "zoom & Margin", but this would result in a significant increase in the activities of deployment / installation.

Is there another way to solve this problem? Why the margin of the report is not detected properly?

if there are no alternatives, I can change the value of the left margin using scripts or something else?

thank you very much.

Paolo P.

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Re: Left Margin Visual FoxPro Report

Postby Support » Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:34 am

novaPDF does not change the margins of the paper, what probably happens is that although the reports are opened in a viewer with a margin when they are printed the report application does not specify a margin for the paper. We do not have experience with Fox Pro, but check if you can specify the printing paper for reports there.

If you specify the paper margin only at printer level, using the Margins settings in novaPDF.
novaPDF will leave a margin in the PDF file, but since the printing application formats the page content as there is no margin, the content in the PDF file will be either shifted to the right and not fit the page or shrunk to fit the page (depending how you set the zoom level in novaPDF's options). To use this solution, you have to define a profile with desired options and export it in a file. Then, when installing novaPDF to your clients, add a command line parameter to the novaPDF setup to import this profile file at installation time.

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Re: Left Margin Visual FoxPro Report

Postby modi » Sat Feb 02, 2013 5:14 pm

thank for your answer.

you're right...
On "foxpro reports" you can define the paper size as the "whole page" or "printable page" . In this case it is used the "printer driver margin" and the default margin on NovaPDF driver is zero.

I would set up a custom profile during clients installation (as you suggested), but I did not find any reference on how to do.
Can you give an example of that command line would I use to import a "modified" profile?

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