On profiles, AddProfile2 ok -> SetActiveProfile2 fails

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On profiles, AddProfile2 ok -> SetActiveProfile2 fails

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I have a weird situation here. AddProfile2 returns s_ok, while SetActiveProfile2 returns NV_UNKNOWN_PROFILE. Calls come one after another, as in:

NovaPDF.AddProfile2(PROFILE_NAME, 0);
NovaPDF.SetActiveProfile2(PROFILE_NAME, 0);

This problem happens for the second NovaPDF printer I installed (different printer name), not for the "NovaPDF for SDK v7" printer.

Where are all the profiles stored in Registry so I can see what I have there?

Is the following true: there will always be at least one (default) profile?

If I will have only one profile in my application: is it ok to simply edit that default one (after all users will not print to PDF out of my application)?

If the above is true (could use the default one), what profile name to use in various "SetOption..." calls (the one from GetActiveProfile?)?


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Re: On profiles, AddProfile2 ok -> SetActiveProfile2 fails

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Please send the code you are having issuers with along with any other information that may help in troubleshooting to [email protected]

I will also have to ask you for future references to send any other issues you may have directly to the support team.

Thank you for understanding.
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