[Changelog] novaPDF 8.x

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[Changelog] novaPDF 8.x

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of novaPDF 8.0 - novaPDF 8.9. This version was first released in June 2014 and development ended in December 2018. It is currently still SUPPORTED on the following operating systems: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3, Server 2012/2008/2003 (32/64-bits).

If you are looking for the latest version of novaPDF, you can download it here: http://www.novapdf.com/download.html

Changes in novaPDF 8.9.954 (17-December-2018)
  • Update: Updated several language files
  • Update: Conversion of large files is faster in certain situations
  • Fix: Multiple fixes for PDF conversion
Changes in novaPDF 8.9.953 (08-October-2018)
  • New: Added Polish language for the user interface
  • New: News tab in the Getting Started, Printer Manager and Printer Monitor applications
  • Fix: Latest browser version will be used for embedded content
  • Fix: Reading maximum allowed activations
Changes in novaPDF 8.9.950 (07-June-2017)
  • Update: "Check for updates" changes
  • Fix: Fix for "Reading license" error message
Changes in novaPDF 8.9.950 (07-June-2017)
  • New: Added Ukrainian language
  • New: Interface translated into Burmese
  • New: Added Thai language for UI
  • New: Added Russian translation
  • Fix: Corrected signature date & time format in PDF
  • Fix: Correction for conversion of Korean fonts
  • Fix: Corrected installer on Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Fix: Various UI fixes for Getting started, Printer Manager
  • Fix: Fixed bug in COM for Show Select Dialog option
[Current build] Changes in novaPDF 8.8.947 (22-February-2017)
  • Fix: Added Italian translation for the user interface
  • Fix: Added Spanish translation for the UI
  • Fix: Added Serbian translation for the UI
  • Fix: Added Bulgarian translation for the UI
Changes in novaPDF 8.8.946 (19-December-2016)
  • Fix: Redesign for Check for Updates
  • Fix: Translation corrections for several languages
Changes in novaPDF 8.8.945 (28-November-2016)
  • New: You can now configure a proxy server (HTTPS/SOCKS) for activation
  • New: Added macros for Application name, Printer name, Profile name, PDF file name
  • Fix: Bug when using specific special characters in the PDF save file name
  • Fix: Restoring the default active printer when using the add-in for Microsoft Word
  • Fix: Error when the printer name was longer then 30 chars
  • Fix: Importing profile from a network path failed
  • Fix: Various fixes for Profile Manager interface
Changes in novaPDF 8.7.943 (28-September-2016)
  • New: Added new option for Multiple Copies to add Empty Page between copies
  • Fix: Crash occurred when trying to add printer via command line
  • Fix: Error when trying to open Getting Started in Lithuanian
  • Fix: Error reading number values with commas for watermark layouts
  • Fix: Error in particular situations when creating PDF from Crystal Reports
  • Fix: Printer driver crashed when converting documents with large bookmarks using add-in for Word
Changes in novaPDF 8.6.942 (27-June-2016)
  • Fix: Added new macro name for Domain
  • Fix: Windows Event log info is now added when novaPDF service fails to start
  • Fix: Fixed some issues with the add-in for Excel when converting hyperlinks
  • Fix: Corrected issues with the manual activation
  • Fix: Profile Manager was crashing for public filters
  • Fix: Minor design corrections for some dialogs
  • Fix: Set available and default printer resolutions (SDK and OEM)
  • Fix: Correction for multiple printers installer (SDK and OEM)
Changes in novaPDF 8.5.940 (08-March-2016)
  • Fix: Watermark corrections for Korean characters
  • Fix: Correction for creating PDFs with Multiple Copies option enabled
  • Fix: Show message with options when the active profile is not found
  • Fix: Minor corrections for the About page of Profile Manager
  • Fix: Show message when the novaPDF Server service stops
  • Fix: Minor corrections for the About page of Printing Preferences
Changes in novaPDF 8.5.939 (26-January-2016)
  • Fix: Printer Manager crashed during activation when no Internet connection was available
  • Fix: Changed novaPDF Server recovery options to restart service
  • Fix: Web installer change to verify signature and other updates
  • Fix: Show partial keys on About window
Changes in novaPDF 8.5.938 (23-November-2015)
  • Fix: Order of objects in the Layout view was not saved with the profile
  • Fix: Minor fixes for the content layout section
Changes in novaPDF 8.5.937 (15-October-2015)
  • New: Added German language for the user interface
  • New: Added Croatian language for the user interface
  • New: Added Indonesian language for the user interface
  • New: Added Vietnamese language for the user interface
  • Update: Reduced setup file size
Changes in novaPDF 8.4.936 (24-September-2015)
  • Added 14 languages for the user interface - Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Korean, Lithuanian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Turkish
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10
  • Added option to Export and Import version 8 profiles
  • Settings in the Collate and Copies fields are now remembered
  • Added option to disable "Verify file creation"
  • Added "Check for Update" task for older Windows version
Changes in novaPDF 8.3.933 (11-June-2015)
  • Corrected activation problems when network is disabled
  • Product key is now easier to input during activation
  • Licensing corrections when upgrading the program
  • Corrections for adding or removing port monitors during installation
  • Corrections for verifying the default printer during installation
  • Co-Branding tool correction for multiple printers with associated profiles
  • Co-Branding tool correction for license information
Changes in novaPDF 8.3.931 (13-May-2015)
  • Batch/bulk convert documents into a single PDF file
  • Batch/bulk convert documents to individual PDF files
  • Improved conversion speed
  • Changes to the activation and reset activations process
  • Corrected conversion for Excel documents with no text when using the addin
  • Corrected conversion for Word documents with incomplete links when using the addin
  • Corrected error "Profile name too long"
  • Crash when using Import Profiles
  • Web installer corrections
  • Corrected error when using both append and overlay
Changes in novaPDF 8.2.929 (3-March-2015)
  • Error during profile import from previous versions
  • First print from Internet Explorer had errors in certain situations
Changes in novaPDF 8.2.927 (11-February-2015)
  • Standard save dialog now has options to set document information
  • Added option to set password for opening PDF from the standard save dialog
  • Email recipients can be modified from the save dialog
  • 1bit images are now correctly converted
  • Send email on x64 computers was not working correctly
  • Corrected send PDF to multiple email addresses
  • Distributing and using forms on client computers was not working correctly
  • Use of macros in folder names was not working correctly
  • Changed save and select profile dialogs to show computer names
  • Show computer code on About when licensed
  • Default public profile is now visible in GUI
Changes in novaPDF 8.1.923 (27-January-2015)
  • Setup corrections for errors showing during installation
  • Default option for profile is now hidden in profile manager
  • Recipients and templates from Email presets are now hidden
  • Import profile corrections for colors
Changes in novaPDF 8.1.922 (14-January-2015)
  • Show computer code on About in Profile Manager and Printer Manager
  • Fixed various errors shown during the app installation
  • Installation log files now contain extra information
Changes in novaPDF 8.1.921 (16-December-2014)
  • When installation fails users can send log files to support
  • Corrections for client computers when converting via the addin for Microsoft Office
  • "The language not corresponds to the loaded files" error corrected
  • Watermark color was modified when importing a profile from an older version
  • Added root bookmark options in novaPDF SDK
Changes in novaPDF 8.1.920 (28-November-2014)
  • Import Profiles (from previous versions) to Profile Manager
  • Added firewall exception for service port during setup
  • Added custom paper size option
  • Smaller PDF files due to compression algorithm updates
  • Several interface updates
  • Updated Counter macros to set the number of digits
  • Updated Startup application to open Profile Manager and Printing Preferences
  • Window positions are now saved
  • Layout objects can be dynamically defined for the SDK
  • Security encryption can be enabled without setting a user password
  • Fixed minor PDF conversion issues
Changes in novaPDF 8.0.915 (05-August-2014)
  • Spooler dependent services are stopped during installation to prevent errors
  • Removed several unnecessary start/stop actions for the print spooler
  • Support option is offered when installation fails
  • Small fixes for activation in some particular situations
  • Small fixes for conversions from Excel and Visio
Changes in novaPDF 8.0.909 (24-June-2014)
  • PDF Linearization (PDF files optimized for the web)
  • Create PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-1b compliant PDF files
  • MSI installer for easy deployment
  • Possibility to add different print queues and ports
  • Driver certification for Windows 7 / 8 and Windows Server 2008 / 2012
  • Extended PDF view options (transition effects, possibility to hide menubar/toolbars/user interface elements)
  • Completely redesigned interface
  • WYSIWYG layout for managing watermarks and signatures
  • Added predefined SMTP servers (AIM, AOL, Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail/Live, Yahoo)
  • All auto-fillable fields now support macros
  • Added predefined Microsoft Office heading styles for bookmark detection
  • Added Security profiles to choose easily what to allow (everything, only printing, changes, copy-paste)
  • New link detection presets (detect only web links or file links)
  • Added silent print option
  • Added new predefined forms with realtime preview
  • Included text watermark templates (confidential, date/time, draft, page index/count)
  • New image watermark presets (confidential, draft, placeholder)
  • Predefined templates for overlays (generic, invoice, letterhead)
  • New predefined signatures (basic signature, generic, sample)
  • Windows 8 desktop app certification
  • Redesigned installer
  • Automatic updates
  • Move, rotate and resize content of the pages
  • Preview watermarks and signatures on different page sizes
  • Define pages with margins
  • Password protection for the interface
  • Possibility of co-branding/re-branding the printer
You can read the changelog for different versions of novaPDF here:
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