Adding Licenses

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Adding Licenses

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Currently we have 30 licenses. We have 31 PC's that need to use NovaPDF. My question is two fold. If I purchase a 10 PC license for expandability options can those licenses be joined with the 30 to effectively have a 40 PC license?

If not is it required that I purchase a 40 PC license in order to license the 30 current PC's plus 10 additional?

Lorant (Softland)
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Re: Adding Licenses

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Purchasing extra licenses for existing keys is simple. Just buy 10 licenses and make sure to add in the Comments field of the order form: EXPANDING LIC NO xxxx-xxxx-... (replace the x-s with your existing 30 license key). We will send you a new key that cumulates the existing licenses with the newly purchased ones.

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