Autoname PDF from within document???

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Autoname PDF from within document???

Post by srhodes620 »

Not sure if my title makes sense, but I'm helping a friend with an issue here at work. We use NovaPDF to create/print pdf documents. Is there a way to auto name the document from text within the document. ie:

We create invoices and within the invoice there's a line like, Invoice 76543.

I would like the name of the file to be: Invoice 76543

I see options to name it by date, time etc....but nothing further. Some help with this would be GREATLY appreciated. I've just spent a good amount of time this weekend renaming files. My fingers hurt

Lorant (Softland)
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Re: Autoname PDF from within document???

Post by Lorant (Softland) »

novaPDF has some macro options, however you cannot use text from within the document to name it. If you know the logic behind the invoices naming, you could replicate that in novaPDF, for instance if invoices have consecutive numbers you can have novaPDF start at a particular number and then increase it with every PDF creation.

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