Graphics Issue

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Graphics Issue

Post by kickin2 »

Have been using standard program successfully for quite a while. Today, when I tried to convert an updated version of a document to a pdf, the graphics did not embed. I've used the program on earlier versions of this same document and it has worked in the past.

Any ideas as to what might be causing this? Need to get this updated document converted ASAP.


kickin 3

Re: Graphics Issue

Post by kickin 3 »

Issue solved - setting within Microsoft Word.

Lorant (Softland)
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Re: Graphics Issue

Post by Lorant (Softland) »

Glad it worked. In case someone else has problems with background images not being printed from Word, here's the setting that does this: Click on the office button, then go to Word Options->Display and in the Printing options section you should check that Print background images and colors option. Save it and print again.

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