How to print to A5 instead of A4

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How to print to A5 instead of A4

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I have an A5 publisher document that I am trying to print to PDF with novaPDF professional. I have changed the profile settings to print to A5 and I have it set on predefined A5 and it changes back to A4. I then tried it on Custom with the A5 dimensions which worked once, but unfortunately after I made some tweaks to the design, it then refused to repeat it and just keeps printing to A4. I have unticked A4 and everything else apart from A5 in forms, and it now keeps putting it on custom and changing the sizes to A4 or telling me that it can't print the PDF. What do I have to do to sort it out?

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Re: How to print to A5 instead of A4

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Check the print settings of the application from which you are trying to create the PDF - maybe you have in there an option to print it as A4.

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