Installing on windows Server 2003

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Installing on windows Server 2003

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we have currently the NOVA PDF OEM version 7.1 (not the fresh last version of these days)
we had previously on a WindowsServer 2003 the nova pdf oem V6 which was successfully installed and worked not so bad but :

- First problem with V6 was the generation of an empty file before writing data in it =>V7 fixed this issue
- Second problem, the volume of data printing is very high, so that spooler is "full", I mean the spoole does not respond and the file is not printed.
The system become unstable so that it has be to restarted! (the stop and start of the spooler service has no effect).

So we decided to upgrade to V7, and according to the upgrade tips, the administrator install it with V6 always present. The install via command line was clear, but the printer was not present. The first time, Windows explorer evn crashed!
We check in "wbem" directory, all is good.
We uninstall v6 and reinstall V7 but the printer can not be added (driver problem).
Nothing in windows log (event or system).
Where can we check now?

Thank you by advance.
Guillaume M.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Re: Installing on windows Server 2003

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Please access the following article for a full novaPDF reinstallation along with the steps on how to completely remove the old versions from the computer. ... r-108.html

Also when reinstalling from the command line please also add the /InstallLog parameter for a full log on all the installation steps.
If any issues occur again please send us the logs along with the novaPDF version build along with the Windows exact version and edition (from the System Properties) so we can reproduce and troubleshoot the issue.

Thank you.
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