Merging multiple PDFs

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Merging multiple PDFs

Post by Andrew2019 »

Can novaPDF merge more than 2 PDFs together in a single process? The best process I’m aware of is to open the first PDF, print via novaPDF merging with a second PDF, then while in the new combined file (first + second) print that to a third PDF. That’s a bit time consuming when working with 4 or 5 files.

There is a process (open Getting Started program > Create/merge multiple documents tab) but that does not allow you to select PDFs.

I’ve played around with novaPDF for the last week, consulted the built-in help, searched the forums, read through this tutorial ( ... df-kb.html) and have not found a better solution.

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Re: Merging multiple PDFs

Post by jbiddle »

Came here to post the exact same complaint - thanks for saving me the trouble!
I can't understand why I can merge MS Office docs using the Create/Merge tab in the Getting Started app but I can't add any existing PDF docs. Makes absolutely no sense. I'd buy several copies for my company TODAY if this worked, but I'm not going to have my users print each doc one at a time just to combine PDF files.

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Re: Merging multiple PDFs

Post by Lorant (Softland) »

I understand but novaPDF actually does regular doc to pdf conversion. And it does a conversion to PDF and merging, it cannot do a simple merge.
We are considering this as a feature for a new version.

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