NovaPDF Server - saving to client

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NovaPDF Server - saving to client

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Is there any way to get the server edition to save the files on the client computers instead of on the server?

We're considering purchasing NovaPDF Server, but while testing it, I haven't been able to get it to do what I need and I don't see information about doing this. I've installed the printer onto our terminal server, but I can only print to the the server from our point-of-sale system on the server, or to the client from an application on the client workstation. What I'd like to do is use an application on the server and save to a client workstation (either the workstation being used or one specific client).

Our employees access the POS system on the server through Remote Desktop, but otherwise, they don't have access to the server so I don't want the PDF's saved there. If they were all sent directly to one workstation (vs individual workstations), that would work even better, since only one employee actually needs the PDF files, although any employee might need their paperwork printed.

Our prior setup was a different PDF printer that was installed on one workstation and shared via the network so that any PDF "printed" to that specific workstation. However, I can't use NovaPDF that way. Is there a setting I need to change or something else I can do with the server edition to allow printing to the client from the server?

Thank you.

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