Outlook 2013 windows is blocked when NovaPDF opens new email

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Outlook 2013 windows is blocked when NovaPDF opens new email

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first I'd like to tell you what the situation is:
We want to use NovaPDF 8 Professional to append printed PDF files to a new E-Mail automatically. We don't want it to be sended directly but the default email client (in this case: Outlook 2013) should open and the PDF should be appended.

I managed to do that via a profile and the new email dialog opens propely, but I have the following severe problems:

- the main Outlook 2013 window the user had open in the background is then completely blocked and nothing can be clicked inside it. If I close the "new mail" dialog that was opened by NovaPDF, then the Outlook main window is usable again.
- A similar problem happens if I print a pdf this way and the "new email" dialog opens, and if I keep that open and then print another pdf file, Outlook throws the message that a dialog windows is already open so the next one cannot be opened.

Both problems are pretty severe and we do not have the problem with other PDF printers that allow automatic attaching of printed PDFs to new emails.

It would be wonderful if anyone had an idea how to fix this.

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