pdf build gets progressively slower - NovaPDF v7.1 build 336

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pdf build gets progressively slower - NovaPDF v7.1 build 336

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I hope you can help diagnose this particular problem. Our organization is using a 3rd party app called Info-Alert (IA) that has NovaPDF v7.1 build 336, bundled in with it.

IA is currently installed on a network Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter.
Our ERP generates over 1000 documents daily (invoices and remittances) from which IA builds PDFs, early every morning. When it was first installed, IA and NovaPDF would generate about 10 pdfs per minute, and the whole process would complete under 1.5 hours. We have noticed since late January / early February 2018 that the PDF build gets progressively slower, to the point where only 2-3 PDFs are generated per minute. Now, the whole PDF generation takes 6 hours.

We have restored this virtual server 3 times from a backup that predates Jan 31, 2018, (and restored the backed up data,) only to find the speedy PDF generation returns for only a couple of weeks, and then, the speed gradually tracks down to 2-3 PDFs per minute over 8 weeks.

Prior to January there had been no issue with the speed of the PDF generation. We suspected Microsoft KB updates were at fault and have prevented any KB patches from being applied since the end of January of 2018.
Info-Alert (IA) uses a MS SQL Server data backend with programming contained in MS Access 2010 ade & adp.

Yesterday, we witnessed this particular PDF generation, through Resource Monitor (Task Manager) take 15 -20 seconds per file, as it creates a PDF and then spools it for print.

Have you any clue as to what may be slowing down the PDF generation?


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Re: pdf build gets progressively slower - NovaPDF v7.1 build 336

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We need more details, please contact [email protected] with this issue to see what we can do. Also, have you considered upgrading to v9, as v7 is very old?

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