Possible to convert Solaris print job?

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Possible to convert Solaris print job?

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We have a routine in our sales software for generating invoices in Solaris and sending them to print to a remote printer via PostScript. We would know like to be able to send these invoices by email to some customers, and rather than start to delve into the coding for the invoice print routine, I thought it might be easier to implement a remote virtual printer that could take the print job, convert to PDF and email out to our accounts team to pass on. I've installed the trial software and all works well in terms of generating emails and files when printing from Windows (to test) but the moment I send a print job from Solaris, the spooler on the print server goes mental, utilising 100% CPU, and the file never gets converted/emailed. Is there any way to configure the software to handle these PostScript files or will I need to get something else to handle them?

Any help appreciated!

Claudiu (Softland)
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Re: Possible to convert Solaris print job?

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Unfortunately novaPDF does not work on Solaris platforms. It can only print from a Windows environment.

Thank you.
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