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I'm using Novpdf Lite Server and I'm wondering how good the performance should be for printing to the shared pdf printer. Currently there's a print job with 157 pages (638MB) running since 28 minutes and only 104 pages are done. Should this take that long? What can I do to optimize performance/speed of printing process? Spoolsv.exe process is only running at about 25%

This is running of a Windows 2003 Standard Server.

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Re: Preformance

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novaPDF printer performance depends very much on the server computer hardware, network performance and on the type of documents that are printed. For instance a 100 pages Word document containing text and images is converted on our test computers in about 10 seconds. But CAD documents containing several drawings take a much longer time to be processed.
There is no option in novaPDF settings to optimize the performance. Disabling some PDF features like image conversion, downsampling, compression, font embedding, links and bookmark detection, overlay, may slightly increase the speed, but in detriment of the PDF quality.

Thank you.
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