Vertical Inverting

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Vertical Inverting

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We recently deployed NovaPDF onto several workstations. One of these workstations runs an unattended script, when the script detects a file in a certain location it opens the file and prints the page to pdf.
Here is a very simple example to show whats happening.

This is what the page looks like in the application (correct).
This is what the page looks like the the script opens the file and prints it (wrong).
This is what the page looks like if its manually printed by an operator (correct).

All 3 lines are part of 1 object, but the order of the lines is being inverted. Any ideas why this is occurring?
We trialled another PDF printer but that one inverted the entire object so the lines were upside down and unreadable but we thought Nova had corrected it.


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Re: Vertical Inverting

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Please email us at [email protected] as we'll need more details regarding this issue.

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