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Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:02 am
by JosSchaars
Why is C:\program files\softland\novapdf 10\driver\GoogleAnalytics.exe scheduled to run daily?
I can remove it?

Re: GoogleAnalytics.exe

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:08 pm
by Lorant (Softland)
That scheduled task sends anonymous usage statistics once a day. If you want you can disable it by starting the Getting Started window and then going to the Tools section - you'll see there at the bottom an option to disable statistics.

Re: GoogleAnalytics.exe

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 11:39 am
by habjan
We've noticed that as well by going through the installation log and that's not good especially when you install it on bank machines. Banks are strict about this and don't allow that kind of software.

QTExecCreateTelemeScheduledTask.E6DEE9C5_0FBA_4E77_B7C2_AF3E003773DC = "schtasks.exe" /CREATE /SC DAILY /F /TN "novaPDF 10 Telemetry" /ST 20:42:12 /TR "\"C:\Program Files\Softland\novaPDF 10\Driver\GoogleAnalytics.exe\" /oem=nPdf10_Softland" /RU "DESKTOP-J25JGGL\....."

Can you please tell me how to disable this on installation level?

Is there any switch/param that we can pass into msi created by using OEM co-branding tool?

The only solution we have for now is to programmatically disable the task and delete the exe, but that's just a temporary fix..


Re: GoogleAnalytics.exe

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:32 pm
by Haskol
Hi, The activation key for NovaPDF isn't working or says too many computers are used to activate it. Please send me a new key. Thanks Mr Farah

Re: GoogleAnalytics.exe

Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 9:16 am
by Lorant (Softland)
If it says there are too many activations it means you are using it on more computers than the number of licenses you have purchased. So you have to either buy more licenses or deactivate from the existing computers.