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Default Document Information

Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:10 am
by Mforcer
Is there a way to define the <Default> for Document Title and Creator in the Document Tab?

Currently, printing from Word with <Default> Title will set the title of the PDF as "Microsoft Word - document1.docx". I would prefer to see the Title set as just "document1", without reference to MS Word and stripping the file extension.

Similarly, can we exclude the document name from the <Default> defined Creator details.

Also, when saving the PDF and using the Advanced save dialog box, it would be great to have the Document Information populated with the actual details to be used rather than just <Default>.

Lastly, for each PDF created, the PDF Producer shows "novaPDF Professional Server Ver 7.7 Build 394 (unknown Windows version (SP 2) -" - can we remove the "(unknown Windows version (SP 2) -"

Thanks for the otherwise perfect software!