Install/Uninstall for 7.7 requires reboot

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Install/Uninstall for 7.7 requires reboot

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The novapv.exe 7.7 installer always seems to require a reboot when installing or uninstalling. In Earlier versions of the installer (7.5 and below) it normally would not require a reboot. Now it always seems to require it.

When upgrading a clients computer we're uninstalling the old version, and then installing the new version. This is now requiring two reboots.

What has changed in the installer that would effect this? Does it always require a reboot, all the time? I haven't really seen a case where the new installer does not require a reboot.

Is there anything I can do programmably to prevent the need for a reboot? I've tried stopping the print spooler before the install and then restarting it after, but this doesn't seem to change anything.

Aside from this one issue I've been extremely happy with NovaPDF. :)

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Re: Install/Uninstall for 7.7 requires reboot

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The novaPDF setup does not require a restart when it is installed for the first time on a computer. Any further update requires a restart because the driver is already installed and the driver files are loaded and cannot be replaced. If you run the uninstaller first, it may happen that the driver is unloaded but from our experience the driver files might still remain loaded by the system until the next reboot. The driver files are loaded by the Print Spooler service, Explorer.exe and any application that prints to novaPDF printer.

Only one restart is required when upgrading, the uninstaller does not ask for a restart, only the new installer.

In this article you may find the list of files novaPDF needs to replace when upgrading. You might try to run the uninstaller, stop the Print spooler service, explorer and any other application that might have loaded the driver, delete these files and then run the new setup: ... r-108.html

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