NovaPDF Printer goes Offline

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Roshni Rupesh

NovaPDF Printer goes Offline

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I an using novaPDF SDK 7. And the novaPDF printer goes to offline mode some times.
Even in offline state, printer initialization and other profile settings are executed from my code without any error.
But my applicaiton keeps on waiting for the response from printer, after initiating a print, which is never received.

I am not able to bring the printer back to online thorugh Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes -> Use printer Online.
Only way is to uninstall and install the printer driver again.

Why is this happening? Is there any way to know the status of the printer at any point of initialization/printing?
Can the printer be brought back to Online state programatically through INovaPdfOptions ?

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Lorant (Softland)
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Re: NovaPDF Printer goes Offline

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We did not see this behavior here so we do not why this happens. The novaPDF driver consists just of some callback functions that Windows systems call when printing. novaPDF does not control itself when it goes online or offline again, this is controlled by the Windows Print Spooler system. We never set the printer offline, so this might be done by some other module. Maybe there is an error in the printing process that triggers this behavior. We do not have options in the NovaPdfOptions interface to set the printer offline or online, the printer should be always online, we have no reason to put it offline.

I suggest you make some tests in your environment and try to find out when is the printer going offline. If there is a specific document printed, please send it to us so we can try to replicate the problem here. If the printer cannot be brought back online, maybe if you restart the Print Spooler service the printer is re-initialized and you do not need to reinstall it.

To check the printer status you may call the GetPrinter Windows API function with the PRINTER_INFO_2 structure that has the printer Status.

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