Performance issue LicenseShellExecuteFile

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Performance issue LicenseShellExecuteFile

Post by martijnvandijk »

I hope someone can give me a hint on an issue I sometimes have at a customer of me.

I'm using the NovaSDK to merge multiple PDF files to one PDF file. For this I use the Windows shell execute method.

pNova.LicenseApplication "SPLWOW64.EXE"

pNova.LicenseShellExecuteFile sFileName

ShellPrintFile sFileName, GetActiveWindow()

The problem I have is that the line with the LicenseShellExecuteFile command sometimes takes up too 50 minutes. So I think there might be some locking issue?

Can someone please give me some pointers to finding the cause of this problem? Like what is LicenseShellExecuteFile doing internally?

Claudiu (Softland)
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Re: Performance issue LicenseShellExecuteFile

Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

LicenseShellExecuteFile calls first FindExecutable Windows API function to find the application associated with the provided document type. Then it calls LicesnseApplication for this application. You may replace the LicenseShellExecuteFile call with a LicenseApplication call if you know which application should print that document.

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