After save action

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After save action

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I am using nova pdf pro server. What I am looking to do is after saving the files as .PDf, move them off to a network share. I thought it was possible to accomplish this by putting a unc path in the save location option, but that did not work. I then wrote a powershell script to move the files off. I wanted to just run the script after each file is saved in the after save action by calling the program:


The file does save as a .pdf in the location on the server I specified but the script does not seem to run. Ive checked the script by running it via scheduled task using the same application path and parameters so i know the script works. I can resort to running a scheduled task to kick off the script but figured since this has the ability built it, why not use it and make it less complicated. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: After save action

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The parameters format seems to be wrong, please see the correct format in the powershell documentation, as novaPDF will just pass it on exactly as you write it in there.

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