Differing file sizes...

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Differing file sizes...

Post by Tom »

Hi Nova et al

I'm hoping you might be able to clear up a problem we're having with the size of the PDFs generated from the PDF printer varying significantly from one machine to another.

We have two machines as an example one XP 32bit and one windows 7 64bit both with the novaPDF V7.1 printer installed, if we take an identical document for example the XP machine will generate a 1Mb PDF file but the Windows 7 machine generates a 3Mb file. All settings on the printer are the same that I can see particularly in regard to downscaling and compression.
I've tested printing from Word and from other non-office applications and we get the same results of the windows 7 machine generating much larger PDFs than the XP machine.

Normally this wouldn't be too much of an issue but when they become impractical to email it is, I hoped someone might have some tips or potential solutions.


Claudiu (Softland)
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Re: Differing file sizes...

Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

Hello, We tried to troubleshoot the issue by creating a Word file with pictures and text and converting it to PDF from the same Office version, using the same novaPDF version (Release 7.1 build 343) and the OS you have specified but the PDF results were exactly the same after converting.

To be able to troubleshoot this issue properly we would need the actual file for which you obtained the different sizes and the converted PDFs from each of the Operating systems (the 3 Mb file and the 1 Mb one) so we can analyze them and replicate this specific case from our end.

If possible, please send all the files to our support team at [email protected] along with the information from your previous post for this troubleshooting.

Thank you.
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