Incorrect colors being printed

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Incorrect colors being printed

Post by jpdp »

Hi all,
I am evaluating Nova SDK as a solution to print from our application.
The bar chart should be RED, but it's BLUE.
The application uses a BI tool to build dashboards.

This is the look on the screen:

And the PDF preview is OK:

But when we output to doPDF or Nova (no matter what compression settings etc, that I try), we get the bar graph in blue, not red. It works OK with BullZip.


Lorant (Softland)
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Re: Incorrect colors being printed

Post by Lorant (Softland) »

Most likely those colors use transparency, and novaPDF doesn't support transparent colors. If there's a way for you to adjust colors to be full solid colors instead of using transparency, then that will solve the problem.

Des H
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Re: Incorrect colors being printed

Post by Des H »

In response to your answer (transparent colours not supported), why then does it print some areas in the correct colour while other areas on the same sheet, in the exact same colour, are printed a completely different colour. I use Nova to print CAD drawings, and so graded or transparent colours are used frequently, so is this issue something that will be supported by your software?

Claudiu (Softland)
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Re: Incorrect colors being printed

Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

Can you send us a sample document that's not printing correctly to support to test it out? You can send it to [email protected]

Thank you.
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