NovaPDF OEM 7 Printer missing

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NovaPDF OEM 7 Printer missing

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Even after running through the NovaPDF OEM 7 installer the printer is missing on Windows 10 PC. Below is the command line used to install the printer. We tried rebooting, disabling antivirus retrying, uninstalling and reinstalling. None of that helped. Can someone advise on how to troubleshoot further? What is it that Nova Engine is not liking?

C:\installfolder\novapv.exe /PrinterName="XXXX Printer2" /OEMApplication="AppName" /OEMCompany="CompanyName" /OEMSaveFolder="%Temp%" /OEMActionApp="%SYSTEMDRIVE%\DVPrinter\DVPrinterSave.exe" /RegisterName="CompanyName" /RegisterKey="XXXXX"

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Re: NovaPDF OEM 7 Printer missing

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Can you send us an email at support[], as we need more particular details about this.

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