Protection Fault accessing NovaPDF properties

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Protection Fault accessing NovaPDF properties

Post by Vverikesh »

I am testing NovaPDF Lite 7 for a client that uses our software.
I am using the precongured save settings on the Save tab in the properties dialog.
Our software can print numerous files and we want suppress the "save as" dialog and have all files append to one pdf.
This fine on most Win 7 machines.
However I have one that appears to do the job but creates no file.
It is successful with other software (Word, Notepad, etc..) but not our software. When I try to access the printer properties from within our app and click on the save tab it crashes our software.
I've checked everything I can think of, Security, our software's run as setting, re-installed, but can't find anything different between this pc and those that do work.

4D is the language our code is written in.

Any ideas?

Lorant (Softland)
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Re: Protection Fault accessing NovaPDF properties

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The best thing to do is contact us at [email protected], as we will need some samples from you, so please send us an email.

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