[Changelog] novaPDF 11

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[Changelog] novaPDF 11

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of novaPDF 11. This version was first released in April 2021 and it is still being enhanced. It is SUPPORTED on the following operating systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (32/64-bits); Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008R2.

You can download the latest version of novaPDF from: https://www.novapdf.com/download.html

Changes in novaPDF 11.3.239 (25-November-2021)
  • Added: Indonesian language
  • Updated: Conversion improvements for specific image types
  • Updated: Improved error logging
Changes in novaPDF 11.3.236 (19-November-2021)
  • Updated: Slovak language
  • Updated: Rotate landscape pages option added in COM
  • Fixed: Outlook addin error when logging in as a different user
  • Fixed: Getting Started window display issue after install
  • Fixed: Profile Manager password check issue
Changes in novaPDF 11.3.225 (13-October-2021)
  • Added: Fully compatible with Windows 11
  • Added: Option to rotate landscape pages automatically
  • Added: Macro placeholders for security passwords
  • Added: Macro placeholder for the computer where the print job is started
  • Added: Use wildcards for attaching other matching files to emails
  • Updated: Online activation works without https as a fallback option
  • Fixed: SMTP emails were not sent when using the x64 version of the email tool
  • Fixed: Activation error when using TLS 1.2 or newer
  • Fixed: License error when upgrading to new versions
  • Fixed: Error message when trying to overwrite an open PDF
  • Fixed: Empty Check for updates window when offline
Changes in novaPDF 11.2.187 (10-September-2021)
  • Added: Option to use digital signature timestamps certified by independent servers
  • Added: 6 new predefined digital signature timestamp servers
  • Updated: Support for creating secure channels with TLS v1.3 for SMTP connections
  • Updated: Support for new SFTP host keys
  • Fixed: Error when printing to a paused printer
  • Fixed: Error message when trying to overwrite an open PDF
Changes in novaPDF 11.1.181 (30-July-2021)
  • Added: Include other file attachments in the generated PDF files
  • Added: Define and use PDF attachment presets
  • Fixed: All users registry entry for update frequency option
  • Fixed: UI changes for activation window
Changes in novaPDF 11.0.170 (23-June-2021)
  • Added: Progress window when printing via the Outlook addin
  • Updated: Exporting profiles/presets on a network file is now faster as a local copy is saved first
  • Updated: Danish language
  • Updated: Portuguese language
  • Updated: Spanish language
  • Updated: Finnish language
  • Updated: Activation process
  • Fixed: Window position was losing focus relative to taskbar position
  • Fixed: Error appending file in some rare situations
  • Fixed: Corrections for some macros
Changes in novaPDF 11.0.134 (27-April-2021)
  • Updated: Links now open with the default browser
  • Updated: Italian translation
  • Updated: Portuguese translation
  • Updated: Romanian translation
  • Updated: German translation
  • Fixed: A few long translation texts
  • Fixed: Profile manager issues in certain rare situations
Changes in novaPDF 11.0.126 (13-April-2021)
  • Fixed: Creating PDFs using the add-in for Microsoft Outlook had errors in some rare situations
Changes in novaPDF 11.0.125 (07-April-2021)
  • Added: PDF add-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • Added: Option to create PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-2u compliant PDFs
  • Added: Option to create PDF/A-3a, PDF/A-3b and PDF/A-3u compliant PDFs
  • Added: Quick Access Tray application
  • Added: N-up page layout options
  • Added: Option to print multiple pages per sheet (up to 16) and set page order
  • Added: Pause/Resume PDF printing process
  • Added: Set default signature when sending email via Outlook
  • Added: Request delivery receipt to emails sent via Outlook
  • Added: Change Sensitivity for emails sent via Outlook
  • Added: Detect and convert telephone links
  • Added: Ignore missing files when adding other file attachments to emails
  • Added: New options when file exists in the destination for Copy actions
You can read the changelog for different versions of novaPDF here:
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