[Changelog] novaPDF 2

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[Changelog] novaPDF 2

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of novaPDF 2.0 - novaPDF 2.5. This version was first released in August 2005 and development ended in January 2006. It is currently NOT SUPPORTED, support ended in December 2015.

If you are looking for the latest version of novaPDF, you can download it here: https://www.novapdf.com/download.html

What's new in novaPDF 2.5 (9-January-2006)
  • New: Added optimization of image sequences in Printer driver
  • New: Added NoInstallIfExists parameter to silent installer (in novaPDF SDK)
  • Fix: Other bug-fixes in printer driver and SDK
What's new in novaPDF 2.4 (7-December-2005)
  • New: Added NetBIOS and DNS machine names for network licensing
  • New: Added support for OLE applications to novaPDF SDK
  • New: Added silent print option for novaPDF SDK
  • Fix: Other bug-fixes in printer driver and SDK
What's new in novaPDF 2.3 (24-October-2005)
  • New: Added Access and VB.Net samples to novaPDF SDK
  • New: Added page mode viewer option
  • New: Added methods to set encrypted strings in INovaPdfOptions
  • Fix: Corrected Foxit Reader problem (rotate pages)
  • Fix: Other minor bug-fixes in Printer driver
What's new in novaPDF 2.2 (6-October-2005)
  • New: Added a Demo printer driver for novaPDF SDK
  • New: Added VB samples to novaPDF SDK
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes in Printer driver
  • Fix: Modified documentation
What's new in novaPDF 2.1 (13-September-2005)
  • New: Added possibility to set-up left, right, top and bottom paper margins independently
  • New: Enhanced zoom option. You can modify paper origin now, center the page horizontally/vertically and align right/bottom
  • New: Enhanced save options. If pdf file with same name exists, it can "Auto Number Existing" files
  • Fix: Corrected scale handling and added extended zoom factor
  • Fix: Corrected detection of file links
  • Fix: Other error corrections
What's new in novaPDF 2.0 (16-August-2005)
  • New: Shared network printing support (novaPDF can be installed on one computer and used by any computer in the network through the "Sharing" option)
  • New: PDF links support (automatically recognizes visible links in a document and includes them in the generated PDF as clickable links - hidden links and internal links are not converted)
  • New: Speed optimizations
  • Fix: Minor bug fixes
  • Fix: Help file updated
You can read the changelog for different versions of novaPDF here:

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