[Changelog] novaPDF 5

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[Changelog] novaPDF 5

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of novaPDF 5.0 - novaPDF 5.5. This version was first released in April 2007 and development ended in August 2008. It is currently NOT SUPPORTED, support ended in December 2015.

If you are looking for the latest version of novaPDF, you can download it here: https://www.novapdf.com/download.html

What's new in novaPDF 5.5 (28-August-2008)
  • New: Added Import/Export profiles option
  • New: Added external function exit code to cancel print job in novaPDF OEM
  • New: Added "/RegisterWin32COM" install parameter for silent installers
  • New: Added "/DoNotAskReason" command line parameter for silent uninstalling
  • New: Added new large printing forms (A0)
  • New: Added Norwegian and Turkish interface languages
  • New: Changed temporary PDF files and logs location from C:\Windows\Temp to application data folder
  • New: Added error message when PDF file wasn't created "Error creating PDF file: [reason]"
  • Fixed: Fixed crash when "use regional setting" was set for default language
  • Fixed: Fixed crash when printing from Ms Outlook on Windows Vista MSOutlook
  • Fixed: Fixed bug when converting fonts with GlyphID (forced now to unicode subetting)
  • Fixed: Fixed installation bug that changed WBEM regtype to Path
  • Fixed: Fixed bug when using watermark images from another computer
  • Fixed: Fixed bug index returned by AddWatermarkImage
  • Fixed: Fixed bug when sending emails via SMTP to multiple addresses
  • Fixed: Corrected clipping path bug (in Visio drawings)
  • Fixed: Corrected symbols conversion from Visio
  • Fixed: Corrected conversion error for documents with different page size combinations (occured in Calyx Point, MS Word, TextMarker)
  • Fixed: Corrected conversion error for Unicode characters used in Text Watermarks
  • Fixed: Corrected processing speed for registered version
  • Fixed: Corrected printing error when converting Word documents with embedded Excel tables
  • Fixed: Corrected TransparentBlt and StrecthDIBits
  • Fixed: Corrected page layout bug for Excel
  • Fixed: Cnstaller command line parameters are not case sensitive
  • Fixed: Corrected Chinese punctuation conversion bug
  • Fixed: Corrected error when printing to novaPDF from Adobe Reader 8
  • Fixed: Corrected conversion error when original text had vertical font
  • Fixed: Corrected conversion error for rotated images in Word- fixed bug with paper margins and origins when converting from Word

What's new in novaPDF 5.4 (11-February-2008)
  • New: Added Copy Text/Image Watermarks dialog
  • New: Added "Lookup Address" option when sending emails
  • Fixed: Corrected rotated and vertical texts conversion
  • Fixed: Corrected conversion from WordArt, MS Word backgrounds and MS Visio drawings
  • Fixed: Uninstaller deletes now the driver files
  • Fixed: Other small bug fixes for SDK and printer driver
What's new in novaPDF 5.3 (25-September-2007)
  • New: Added Text Watermarks option
  • New: Optimized text compression algorithm - the size of PDF files is now reduced by up to 80% (for documents consisting mainly of text)
  • New: Finnish and Arabic user interface localizations added
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes
What's new in novaPDF 5.2 (20-July-2007)
  • New: Compatibility with 64-bit operating systems (Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit and Windows 2003 Server 64-bit)
  • New: Korean user interface localization added
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes
What's new in novaPDF 5.1 (22-May-2007)
  • New: Added OEM edition for developers
  • New: Added user interface localization (Greek, Hungarian and Vietnamese languages)
  • New: Added "Correct fill color" option
  • Fixed: Bug fixes for Vista and Windows 2000
What's new in novaPDF 5.0 (5-April-2007)
  • New: Windows Vista compatibility
  • New: Added Graphics feature
  • New: Added Watermarks feature
  • New: Added PDF version option
  • New: Propagate default profiles on client computers
  • New: Added option to disable private profiles on client computers
  • New: Added new settings in Save options
  • New: Added option for correcting line widths
  • New: Added event handling functions in SDK
  • New: Added public/private parameter to Set/Get functions in SDK
  • New: Server edition - see list of client computers even when not registered
  • Fixed: Other bug fixes for user interface
You can read the changelog for different versions of novaPDF here:

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