[Changelog] novaPDF 6

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[Changelog] novaPDF 6

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of novaPDF 6.0 - novaPDF 6.4. This version was first released in December 2008 and development ended in August 2009. It is currently NOT SUPPORTED, support ended in December 2015.

If you are looking for the latest version of novaPDF, you can download it here: https://www.novapdf.com/download.html

What’s New in novaPDF 6.4 (11-August-2009)
  • New: Added "Allow change folder" option when saving the PDF file
  • New: Added options to forcefully embed licensed fonts
  • New: Uses local time instead of system time for PDF creation date and time
  • New: Added scrollbars for email body message
  • New: Added Danish language for the interface
  • New: Creates folders (multiple levels) when saving PDF file, if folders do not exist
  • Update: Moved the Advanced save options on the Profiles edit page
  • Fix: Corrected bug numeric values when no decimals allowed in regional settings - numbers
  • Fix: Corrected mirrored images in printer driver
  • Fix: Corrected bug to keep the resolution set in preferences
  • Fix: Crash in spooler (when copying LastBitBlt info in ResetPDEV).
  • Fix: Corrected an error when editing email body text (Email page)
  • Fix: When printing from Adobe Reader some characters were not converted correctly (music notes)
  • Fix: Corrected crash occurring when showing error message box on PDF save
  • Fix: Fixed crash occurring when printing from ttf16.ocx (DrvEnablePDEV)
What’s New in novaPDF 6.3 (7-April-2009)
  • New: novaPDF can create now PDF/A-1b (RGB) compliant PDF files
  • Update: Optimized speed for PDF overlay process
  • Fix: Correction for 8-bit bitmaps conversion (when printing emf files)
  • Fix: removed the Register button and register text from the novaPDF SDK printer
  • Fix: Corrected a problem with temporary licensing for site licenses
  • Fix: Crashes occurred when using some specific images as watermarks
  • Fix: corrected bug in PDF overlay (when page mediabox was set in Pages dictionary)
  • Fix: corrected an error when printing files with big path or file name)
  • Fix: Corrected cross-ref- table format (20 bytes)
  • Fix: fixed a bug in extended save dialog
  • Fix: corrected "Show Save As dialog" option on x64 systems when printing from Win32 applications
What’s New in novaPDF 6.2 (25-February-2009)
  • New: Added "Stay on Top" option for the "Extended Save" and "Select profile" dialog windows
  • New: Added "Security" options in the "Change Options" window (shown when using Extended Save)
  • Fix: Corrected behavior when printing specific images from Google Chrome (32-bit bitmaps with alpha channel)
  • Fix: When printing from Crystal Reports the name of the PDF will not include "Crystal Reports - " anymore
  • Update: Optimized the PDF merging process (append/insert) for multiple print jobs
  • Update: Network sources are now accepted when selecting PDF files to overlay with
What’s New in novaPDF 6.1 (30-January-2009)
  • New: Added a Change Options button on the Advanced Save window that offers shortcuts to setting Document information, Graphics options and Email information
  • New: Added informational page in the start menu group (describes how to create PDF, register novaPDF, and contact options)
  • New: Added silent cancel printing (when pressing cancel from a Save As dialog printing stops immediately without other notices)
  • New: New character allowed in PDF filename (&)
  • Fix: Fixed image conversion (monochrome, grayscale, downsample) when printing from Internet Explorer
  • Fix: Corrected append PDF files error on x64 systems
  • Fix: Fixed crash on Vista x64 when closing Printing Preferences
What’s New in novaPDF 6.0 (2-December-2008)
  • New: Added option to append content to an existing PDF file
  • New: Added option to insert content in an existing PDF file
  • New: PDF Overlay option added
  • New: New option to "Create temporary profile for each printing job"
  • Update: It's now possible to Show Select Profile dialog when printing
  • New: New Extended Save dialog added
You can read the changelog for different versions of novaPDF here:

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