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[Changelog] novaPDF 9

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Below is the changelog for the public builds of novaPDF 9.0 - novaPDF 9.6. This version was first released in November 2017 and development ended in April 2021. It is currently still SUPPORTED on the following operating systems: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3, Server 2012/2008/2003 (32/64-bits).

If you are looking for the latest version of novaPDF, you can download it here: https://www.novapdf.com/download.html

Changes in novaPDF 9.6.253 (24-July-2023)
  • Fixed: Minor UI fixes (translation related)
Changes in novaPDF 9.6.252 (13-October-2021)
  • Fixed: Activation error when using TLS 1.2 or newer
Changes in novaPDF 9.6.251 (30-July-2021)
  • Fixed: Windows Vista compatibility issues
Changes in novaPDF 9.6.250 (27-April-2021)
  • Updated: Links now open with the default browser
  • Updated: Add-in for Office works with newer versions
  • Fixed: Activation corrections
Changes in novaPDF 9.6.247 (11-April-2019)
  • Fix: corrected OfficeAddin crash with links in comments
Changes in novaPDF 9.6.246 (01-April-2019)
  • New: Port scanning compatible with the latest Windows update
Changes in novaPDF 9.6.245 (13-December-2018)
  • Fix: Save folder in Profile Manager with custom path
  • Fix: Added Firewall exception for Log service
  • Fix: Updated names for Firewall rules
  • Fix: Office Addin crash when converting long bookmarks
  • Fix: Multiline links correction for the Office Addin
Changes in novaPDF 9.6.244 (06-November-2018)
  • New: 30% faster PDF creation when printing from the network
  • Update: Updated several interface translations
Changes in novaPDF 9.5.243 (16-October-2018)
  • Fix: File name saved without extension when using auto-number
  • Fix: Open page after merging PDFs ignored Start Page option
  • Fix: Printing from .Net 2.0 applications returned errors
  • Fix: Co-Branding tool error when Default Files folder was empty
Changes in novaPDF 9.5.242 (08-October-2018)
  • New: Disable/enable user and/or owner password in the Wizard and Save dialogs
  • New: News tab in the Getting Started, Printer Manager and Printer Monitor applications
  • Update: Enhancements of the Status and Column features in Printer Monitor
  • Fix: Hyperlink conversion via the Add-in for Word was not taking into account line spacing
  • Fix: Corrections in Profile Manager on client computers when saving overlays
  • Fix: Trial period expiration was showing incorrectly
  • Fix: After save actions were not executed on server locations from 32 bits computers
Changes in novaPDF 9.4.241 (19-July-2018)
  • New: Added Romanian translation
  • Fix: Printing service restarts automatically if stopped
  • Fix: Corrected prompt for SMTP email address
  • Fix: Hidden public profiles (per printer) were still visible
  • Fix: Corrected problem with rotated pages in overlay PDF
Changes in novaPDF 9.3.240 (11-June-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into Spanish
  • Fix: Multiple GDPR compliance changes
  • Fix: Installation error logs are sent only when the user chooses to do so
  • Fix: Correction for client elevation rights when printing from IE
Changes in novaPDF 9.3.239 (16-May-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into Bulgarian
  • Fix: Getting Started display corrections in other languages
  • Fix: Check boxes displayed during setup are now more visible on Windows with no theme
  • Fix: Profile Manager - Actions page fix (Overlay not enabled)
  • Fix: Corrected "See licensing info" link when license management is disabled
Changes in novaPDF 9.3.237 (03-May-2018)
  • New: Option to open linked file in a new tab
  • New: Interface is now translated into Polish
  • New: Interface is now translated into Russian
  • New: Interface is now translated into Burmese
  • New: DEFAULTFILES macro points to folder with files distributed by novaPDF
  • New: Convert Office documents extended functions added in dev tools
  • Fix: Printer monitor tool corrections
  • Fix: FTP upload error on Windows XP
  • Fix: Page visibility problem when merging
  • Fix: Preferences dialog error
  • Fix: Simultaneous prints returned error 4351
Changes in novaPDF 9.2.235 (19-April-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into German
Changes in novaPDF 9.2.234 (29-March-2018)
  • New: Interface is now translated into Chinese
  • Fix: My Documents is set as default when browsing for folder
  • Fix: Licensing issue related to wrong version number
Changes in novaPDF 9.2.233 (21-March-2018)
  • New: Added Danish language
  • New: Interface translated into Turkish
  • New: Added Portuguese (Brazilian) language
  • New: Advanced filtering and ordering of columns in print monitor
  • New: Advanced filtering and ordering of statuses/printers in print monitor
  • New: Added macros for application RUN presets and other file names in profile
  • New: Added time slots for floating licenses
  • New: Added tools message when service is stopped
  • New: Printing speed optimization
  • Fix: Crash on Layout page in Profile Manager
  • Fix: Spaces in email body content
  • Fix: Getting Started tool correction
  • Fix: Export profiles crash in Profile Manager tool
  • Fix: Watermarks on Windows Server 2016
  • Fix: Long profile names
  • Fix: Printer name macro
Changes in novaPDF 9.1.232 (08-February-2018)
  • New: Added Custom Properties as XMP Metadata
  • New: Added option to include Document Info as XMP Metadata
  • New: Option to send telemetry data
  • Fix: Print Monitor status hanging when using server location
  • Fix: Error when saving the PDF using a network path with limited rights
  • Fix: Document pages reversed when merging via OpenOffice
  • Fix: Added function to convert Microsoft Office documents in SDK
Changes in novaPDF 9.0.226 (15-January-2018)
  • Fix: Minor update to the Check for Updates section
  • Fix: Minor interface changes
  • Fix: Corrected an error during MSI installation
Changes in novaPDF 9.0.223 (03-January-2018)
  • Fix: PDF Overlay minor correction
  • Fix: Printer monitor error message corrections
  • Fix: Minor changes to Check for Updates
  • Fix: Installation folder correctly set in all cases now
  • Fix: File name is now correctly suggested during save
Changes in novaPDF 9.0 build 221 (14-December-2017)
  • Fix: Show DNS/BIOS names for all license types
  • Fix: Printer Manager Licenses section fixes
  • Fix: Error updating printer port during upgrade
  • Fix: Version display error when upgrading
Changes in novaPDF 9.0.219 (23-November-2017)
  • Fix: Corrections for converting to PDF from the add-in for Microsoft Excel
  • Fix: Removed repair and change buttons for msi installer
  • Fix: Settings dialog change for the add-in for Microsoft Office
Changes in novaPDF 9.0.218 (08-November-2017)
  • New: After-save actions to upload PDFs on FTP or SFTP servers
  • New: Predefined after-save actions for Opening/Running/Copying or Deleting PDFs
  • New: Printer Monitoring tool for viewing printing job status in realtime
  • New: 128 and 256 bits strong AES encryption to protect PDFs
  • New: Option to set/edit Copyright Information for PDFs
  • New: View and filter printed documents history with option to export usage
  • New: Add printers with different paper size, orientation, resolution, copies, scaling from Printer Manager
  • New: Create shared printers and make them default via Printer Manager
  • New: Set end-user permissions for new printers in Printer Manager
  • New: Concurrent/floating computer-based licenses
  • New: Concurrent/floating user-based licenses
  • New: Fixed user-based licenses
  • New: Configurable Data Entry Wizard to set information before printing
  • New: Export/Import printers and configurations
  • Update: New page to quickly access all app Tools
  • Update: You can password protect the entire interface
  • Update: More options to merge PDF files
  • Update: Security password can be asked in Data Entry Wizard
  • Update: Document Info can be asked in Data Entry Wizard
  • Update: Multiple email settings can be asked in Data Entry Wizard
  • Update: Merge settings can be asked in Data Entry Wizard
  • Update: Add-ins for Microsoft Office now work with multiple printers (including previous versions)
  • Update: Design changes in the user interface
  • Update: Re-organized after save actions in Profile Manager
  • Update: SDK/OEM Co-Branding tool extended with default printer settings
  • Update: SDK/OEM Co-Branding tool creates shared/default printers
  • Update: SDK/OEM Co-Branding tool sets end-user printer permissions
You can read the changelog for different versions of novaPDF here:

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