Is this the right product for me? (HELP)

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Is this the right product for me? (HELP)

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I run a Domain were local users login to workstations(Win7) using Active Directory (Win2k8)

I would like my clients to print to the pdf printer from their workstation and have nova pdf automatically save pdf in a pre-defined share/folder on server.
I dont want a client to get a pop out prompting where to save. I would like it "by default" to create pdf file onto the server.

Thanks for your Help!!!!

Claudiu (Softland)
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Re: Is this the right product for me? (HELP)

Post by Claudiu (Softland) »

Hello, yes, this is possible with novaPDF Server edition. I suggest you to first install novaPDF and test how it works. All features are available in the non-registered version of novaPDF, the only limitation is a notice that is added on the bottom of PDF pages mentioning novaPDF is not registered.

To configure novaPDF to save the PDF files on the server, follow next steps:
- open the "Printing Preferences" dialog for novaPDF printer and go to the Profiles page
- create a new profile, and choose the profile type as "Public"; public profiles are seen by all workstations
- choose the Destination option to "Server folders"
- after creating the profile, on the Profiles page, check the "Propagate active public profile on client computers" option and uncheck the "Show private profiles on client computers"; in this way all users are forced to use the public profile you defined on the server
- go to the Save option page and choose "Use predefined settings" for the save options; than open the Configure save options dialog and enter there the folder on the server where you wish to save the files. If the users do not have rights to create files in this folder, press the "Connect using a different user name" link and enter there a user name and password novaPDF should use when creating files in this folder.

Thank you.
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