NovaPDF displays 'not licensed' message at the bottom

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NovaPDF displays 'not licensed' message at the bottom

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We have a licensed copy of the NovaPDF. I installed it a few times using our internal installers. Last time when I was installing it, it displayed the bat file content instead of running it. I copied it and run myself from cmd.exe running it as Admin.

We have a test program which does not work for me: (It works, but the file has 'Not Licensed' message printed at the bottom).
cActiveProfile = ''
nActiveProfilePublic = 0
oPDF = createobject('novapi.NovaPdfOptions')
oPDF.Initialize2('SiriuswareNovaPDF', 'Siriusware, Inc.', 'Here goes our key, 'Salesware')
oPDF.GetActiveProfile2(@cActiveProfile, @nActiveProfilePublic)
oPDF.SetOptionLong2("Prompt Save Dialog", 0, cActiveProfile, 0)
oPDF.SetOptionLong2('File Conflict Strategy', 5, cActiveProfile, 0)
oPDF.SetOptionLong2('Save Advanced Strategy', 5, cActiveProfile, 0)
oPDF.SetOptionLong2('Margin Top', 5000, cActiveProfile, 0)
oPDF.SetOptionLong2('Margin Bottom', 5000, cActiveProfile, 0)
oPDF.SetOptionLong2('Margin Left', 5000, cActiveProfile, 0)
oPDF.SetOptionLong2('Margin Right', 5000, cActiveProfile, 0)
oPDF.SetOptionString2('Save Folder', 'C:\ProgramData\Siriusware\', cActiveProfile, 0)
oPDF.SetOptionString2('Save File', 'TestPrint123.pdf', cActiveProfile, 0)
oPDF.SetOptionLong2("Post Save Open", 0, cActiveProfile, 0)
oPDF.SetOptionLong2('SilentPrint', 1, cActiveProfile, 0)
oPDF.SetOptionLong2('Embed All Fonts', 1, cActiveProfile, 0)
set printer to default

list memory to printer noconsole

oPDF.WaitForNovaEvent(20000, @lTimeout)
? lTimeout
oPDF = .null.

Do you know what may be a problem?

I use Windows 7 64 bit.

Claudiu (Softland)
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Re: NovaPDF displays 'not licensed' message at the bottom

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Please access the following link for more information about your issue: ... 4-337.html

Thank you.
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