Overlay breaking after 3-4 prints

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Overlay breaking after 3-4 prints

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We recently purchased NovaPDF Professional for a printing solution we were running into. We use a fulfillment program for our warehouse which is poor in it's support for custom templates. What we did was create an invoice template around all the fields as it prints from the program. Our original solution was to photocopy our template, then feed that into the printer again to print the invoices.

With NovaPDF, I have the template set as an overlay. My settings are as follows:

Overlay - Continuous, with "As Background" unchecked. Custom position is set to "Fit Whole Page to Margins"
Page - Margins and Zoom - Set to "Customize zoom and origin," with Zoom set to 100% and origin set to Left 4mm and Top 5mm

With those settings, the page aligns perfectly. We will print anywhere from 20-300 invoices at a time and everything was working.

What has been discovered is that, after 3-4 prints, the alignment goes off. Basically, the page offset of 4mm left and 5mm top is gone. This is not 3-4 pages, but actual prints.

Any ideas why this may happen?

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Re: Overlay breaking after 3-4 prints

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As we understood you also have sent an email with this issue to our support team. This will be attended further by them.

Thank you.
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