Overlaying issue (opaque white boxes)

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Overlaying issue (opaque white boxes)

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We are hopping that this software will be the solution to our challenge of overlaying a (black - text only) pdf invoice (generated from elite.com/prolaw/) with a branded template pdf (background). We normally put the pre-printed "branding only template" pages in the printer and print the invoices on them. Now we need to combine them digitally. The problem we are having is the PDF coming from Prolaw is producing opaque (white) boxes when overlaying with the background template. Please help.

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Re: Overlaying issue (opaque white boxes)

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If you tested this with novaPDF and you encountered the issue please send us the files in question to [email protected] so we can troubleshoot it.

If you are just asking if novaPDF can achieve this the answer is yes. Our application has an Overlay module with advanced options for you to try so you can obtain the best results possible.

Thank you.
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